Let’s start!

Someone once said that :”The enemy of art is the absence of limitations”, that person was Orson Welles and if you remember his amazing and unforgettable pictures you know that he knows what he is talking about, also no one would like to argue with him.

Whether you agree or not, limitations to create a timeless film are lying in wait for filmmakers from every corner. Where to start? Where to find passionate professionals who want this project to work as much as you do? Perhaps you know some talented director and you would like to be engaged in a project as a co-producer, producer? And the crucial and most important thing, how to finance it?

This is where steps in CINESMA ! In one place you can find head producers who might help you with your film, also investors, films commissions and distribution companies. This platform offers as well an access to list of best film festivals around the Europe where your film gets a chance to be noticed by a professional jury. One thing gets to another and bam! “The Oscar goes to….” But first things first: since CINESMA offers a FREE MEMBERSHIP the only thing you must do is to SIGN UP  and search for everything you were always looking for.


When it comes to cinema there are no shortcuts. First global platform that will connect you with other film passionates like yourself! And that is only the tip of an incredible and innovative iceberg called CINESMA.

We will not bore you anymore, just try it and enjoy all the possibilities that it offers!

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