We all love Film Festivals…

Phew! It has been awhile. But it’s Friday and we are back with a new post for you. Today we are happy to present all the Film Festivals who are already a part of Cinesma. We are truly grateful that they have trusted us, therefore we would like you to get to know them more.

photo: http://www.jewishnews.at/events/2014/10/8/vienna-jewish-film-festival

           Film festival is an unique event for every cinema passionate. Whether it’s Sundance, Berlinale or a smaller and local festival, the most important is that they are gathering people because of a one significant thing: a love for cinema. Without any further ado, we present you the following Film Festivals who recently joined our community:

Jüdisches Filmfestival Wien / Vienna Jewish Film Festival 

TMFF – The Monthly Film Festival 

Magmart Film Festival 

Crossingthescreen Film Festival 

OIFF TURIN Cinefest 

Edinburgh Short Film Festival

New Media Film Festival

Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival


Fashion Film Fest Istanbul

Tirana Film Festival

photo: http://newmedifilmfestival.com

Have you ever participated in any of them? Let us know in a comment below! More information about film festivals and Cinesma you can find on our facebook or twitter account.

Have a great weekend everyone!