Movie genres that make the most money

Getting back to the comparison of movie with a start up. What do you usually do before making investment? Due diligence, we believe. The same is with movies:

Due diligence throughout is necessary.  What is the producer’s reputation? Experience? What is the film’s potential market? Genre, storyline, the caliber of the director, budget, the lead actor and the type of contract actors are granted—factors that influence a film’s profitability. Sometimes event the duration of the movie.

For example: According to statistics horror movies and romantic comedies are the most profitable. Because they attract people to cinemas and do not cost too much.

Surprisingly documentary movies are pretty profitable as well.


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Movies and investments

Movie – is something that most people do not consider as a subject of the investment. Mostly because people know not much about it. If we ask you why don’t you invest in
movies, you may say: «This is a pretty specific filed». Well it is not so specific.

Some investors say that entertainment industry is very similar to venture capital. And movie is like a startup. Like a business.

Movie making is not about creating a nice picture that’s going to bring everyone in. It’s a business. It is not the world of magic.

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